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OAKLAND — Oakland fire inspectors and firefighters never inspected, never stepped foot inside, and were never aware of the conditions inside the Ghost Ship warehouse before the Dec. 2 blaze that killed 36 people, Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed acknowledged Tuesday in her most extensive public statements on the fire. But those comments Tuesday at a news conference with representatives from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, city of Oakland, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and Red Cross, contradicted what fire sources have told this newspaper. A fire lieutenant responding with his crew to the fire said they were aware of the dangerous conditions they would face, and a source within the agency said that firefighters responding to a couch fire outside the building in 2014 became alarmed when they peeked inside the warehouse, and alerted the civilian fire inspection team to no avail.

“We have no records of 1315 31st Ave, being inspected nor do we have any records of them applying for a special permit or change of occupancy, or tenant improvement,” Reed said, This newspaper reported printable ballerina wall art for ballerina nursery | ballet wall art girls ballerina decor | ballet print cute ballet art | ball last week that the Ghost Ship warehouse was not in the fire department computer system, At Tuesday’s news conference, a federal official said the cause of the nation’s deadliest nightclub fire in 13 years remains officially inconclusive, and the investigation into the blaze figures to continue for some time..

Investigators did not address reports by the Bay Area News Group that, according to sources familiar with the matter, investigators had zeroed in on overloaded electrical lines at the rear of the structure as the cause of the fire in the cluttered warehouse. “The electrical system is part of the analysis,” ATF Special Agent Jill Snyder said. “It’s part of what we’re looking at. The investigation is still ongoing. There has been no final determination to the cause.”.

Related ArticlesJury selection in Ghost Ship trial set for AprilProminent Ghost Ship prosecutor resigns weeks before case goes to trialThe swift moving inferno appears to have broke out on the ground floor of the art collective where about 20 people lived in makeshift studios, lofts and trailers, The narrow, winding route to the main exit was lined with furniture, pianos and collectibles, A wooden staircase led to and from the second floor where a dance party was being held, and printable ballerina wall art for ballerina nursery | ballet wall art girls ballerina decor | ballet print cute ballet art | ball that level was also stuffed with furniture and art..

Derick Ion Almena, the manager of the Ghost Ship, is suspected of leasing the space to the artists, but the building was permitted only as a warehouse, not as a residence, or night club. Authorities have not arrested anyone. Oakland Fire Lt. Dan Robertson, the department’s union president, had told this newspaper that one of his colleagues en route to the deadly fire warned the crew about the dangers of the building. “Hey, I know that building, it’s a maze inside, clustered, all (bleeped) up,” Robertson said a fellow firefighter told him and others as they rode a mile and a half from his Station 4 to the Ghost Ship. “It’s going to be really tough getting in, and I think we’re going to have to get defensive very early.”.

On Tuesday, Robertson explained that professional firefighters are constantly “profiling” buildings for possible dangers or hazards inside and outside the structures, “Any good firefighter pays attention to what we see when we drive down the street,” Robertson said, Sometimes that means peeking printable ballerina wall art for ballerina nursery | ballet wall art girls ballerina decor | ballet print cute ballet art | ball through an open door, observing the inside on unrelated medical calls or witnessing unusual activity, he said, A fire source said the September 2014 couch fire set off red flags inside the Ghost Ship that were reported to fire inspectors, However, Reed on Tuesday said there was no documentation of such an event..

“We don’t have any records stating that our firefighters have made entry or were aware of what was going on,” Reed said. Reed said on Monday her department began conversations with firefighters involved in battling the blaze to determine if they had any previous knowledge of people living there, or of potential hazards inside the building. Monday was the deadline for reports from firefighters involved in the tragedy, Robertson said. The post-incident evaluation, a candid post-mortem of the firefight by supervisors, has not happened yet, he added.

In an extended question-and-answer session with reporters Tuesday, Reed clarified that the department’s eight civilian fire inspectors are charged with performing state-mandated printable ballerina wall art for ballerina nursery | ballet wall art girls ballerina decor | ballet print cute ballet art | ball inspections annually on approximately 500 residential buildings, 350 schools, 520 places of assembly, 310 institutions, such as hospitals, jails and care facilities, and 123 high-rise buildings, Further commercial inspections are not required by the state fire code, but Oakland participates in those reviews of business and residential facilities that are three or fewer stories high, with more than two units, The chief said those inspections are done by rank-and-file firefighters bi-annually, However, if a warehouse, such as Ghost Ship, is secretly operating as a residential building, it could fall between the cracks because empty warehouses are not usually inspected..

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